Six On All

from by Sentries

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In the calm before the storm,

You’ve kept your loved ones warm.

While the frost bites at your toes.

It grows, it grows. You go.

Hush, love. Tiptoe, Tiptoe.

But the devil already knows you’re there.

Move fast, gung-ho, brave face.

But baby, I already know you’re scared.

You’ve got a fire within your soul,

but it’s put out by the tears in your eyes.

Yet you play tough, claws out, head up.

Merely all a grandiose disguise.

Blanketed by his grin,

the snow-it pulls you in.

Prayed each night and day,

But the snow had turned to grey.

They’ve got intention to pull you apart,

and guide you with their slight of hand.

And you scream loud, scream loud, scream loud.

In search of something that could help you stand.

Grew desparate for a method of sorts
to help you find your way from ‘neath the shrouds.
You shake cold,
bled dry,
tough luck.
And then you make your way back in the crowds.

In the cold heart of the storm,

A girl in love, forlorn.

Lost it all to the snow,

And grows, it grows, she knows.

Divided we fall.
Why won't they leave us alone.
Leave us alone.


from demo, track released October 31, 2012
Tracked, Mixed/Mastered by Eric Promani




Sentries California

Sentries. Beto, Chase, Christopher, Eric, and Ryan.

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